Dear colleagues, members of EbM Network, and everyone interested in EbM,

It is my great honor and pleasure to invite you to the 2025 Annual Conference of the EbM Network in Freiburg.

Under the motto “EbM of the Future – Let’s Get Started,” we will come together to actively shape the future of evidence-based medicine and jointly address upcoming challenges in the German healthcare landscape.

In this time of change and scarce resources in the healthcare system, evidence-based healthcare (EbHC) is of paramount importance. It ensures that changes and innovations are based on solid scientific evidence, leading to better patient care. We face numerous challenges, but also many opportunities that must be recognized and utilized. The upcoming conference in March 2025 offers the opportunity to discuss these aspects and find ways to strengthen evidence-based healthcare for the future.

We aim to discuss topics that are particularly relevant for the future of EbHC. Central themes include the development of methods, new formats of evidence synthesis (e.g., Rapid Reviews), or the use of additional data sources (e.g., routine data) and insights from meta-research to improve primary studies.

Another focus will be on digitization and the role of artificial intelligence in medicine. We want to discuss how AI can facilitate and improve evidence-based healthcare, but also the dangers it may pose.

Furthermore, we want to engage with Open Science. The open exchange of data and knowledge is a crucial prerequisite for ensuring more transparency, quality, and visibility in science.

Strengthening EbHC also requires intensive exchange with key user groups (including healthcare professionals, patients, and the media). We want to discuss how networking with other stakeholders in evidence-based healthcare can be further improved to strengthen the role of EbHC in national and international healthcare in the future.

There is much light, but of course also shadow: We also want to address the problems of EbHC, such as the often low quality of some of its products. We look forward to inspiring discussions and invite you to submit contributions, particularly on the following topics:

  • Methods for evidence-based healthcare (EbHC)
  • Digitization and Artificial Intelligence
  • Open Science
  • EbHC and its user groups (healthcare professionals, political decision-makers, citizens/public/patients, scientists/research funders, media)
  • Networking of EbHC actors
  • Misuse of EbHC
  • Other relevant topics of evidence-based healthcare

We look forward to exchanging ideas with old and new friends and colleagues. Let’s get started together and shape the future of EbM in Freiburg!

With best regards,

Prof. Dr. Jörg Meerpohl

Director of the Institute for Evidence in Medicine, Director of Cochrane Germany, and Scientific Director of the Cochrane Germany Foundation

NOTE:  In advance of the 2025 Annual Conference of the EbM Network from March 26 to March 28, the fourth Symposium of the Cochrane Germany Foundation will take place from March 25 to March 26 in Freiburg, focusing this time on the topic "Fake Science – Fraud in the Name of Science." International and national experts will discuss the forms, causes, and mechanisms of fake science and explore ways to maintain scientific integrity. Participation is free. We look forward to your registration.
Both events will take place at the same venue in Freiburg. They are scheduled in such a way that you can attend both without missing any content.